Faustlabs User Experience Design & Strategy

Wells Fargo Wholesale Enrollments (2012-2013)

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User experience planning for a major enrollments initiative. This work included customer research, internal user research, planning, scoping, customer analysis and segmentation (like personas but useful), requirements development, vendor evaluation and more. Image thumbnails are not active, redacted samples available upon request.

Hotwire Travel Ticker Strategy (2007)

Design strategy and planning for a travel deals site. Work included translation of business objectives into user experience goals, competitive analysis and conceptual design.

ZoneLabs/Check Point

ZoneAlarm Design Strategy (2006)

Design presentation for long-term UI strategy for ZoneAlarm to improve consistency with Windows Vista, brand message and overall UI for all ZoneAlarm products.

ZoneAlarm Alert Design (2005-2006)

Design for new alert design system for ZoneAlarm. After several rounds of development new alert designs were user tested against the existing UI and against each other. Test design, recruiteing, moderation, reporting and presentation were all done by me.

ZoneAlarm Identity Protection Minisite (2005)

Minisite to educate users about identiy theft and introduce them to third-party identity theft protection services. The offering of these services was integrated with content regarding free tools and techniques for consumers in order to make a single destination.

EFI Touchscreen Copier Concept (2004)

Conceptual design for multifunction copier with 17" touchscreen. The primary design challenge was to create an interface that was scalable enough to support a vast number of devices with very different capabilities. The interface was also intended to help reduce waseful errors through the use of the active preview.

Return Path Site Architecture (2001)

Merging of two seperate facets of Return Path: the business and consumer sites. Previously, sites had 2 seperate URLs and different visual design and navigation. Coincided with a complete overhaul of business and corporate content to reflect updated business priorities of the company.

My Evite/Evite Today (2000)

Following market research about lack of awareness of Evite's product offerings outside of the invite service, the main member page was redesigned to feature and upsell the Reminders, Polls and Photo Albums products. Space for greater advertising and partnership was also needed. The addition of a weekly and monthly calendar was done to help users remember their events and to provide contextual commerce opportunities.


Portal and Search Redesign (1999-2000)

Based on CMGI's new "mega-portal" strategy for AltaVista, the home page and search product had to be completely overhauled to reflect and feature the variety of new media and commerce offerings. Most work had to be done before the new branding was finished. Usability testing was done to determine if users were interested in a more powerful search offering which could display many different types of data on one page. All work was completed in 10 weeks. Page-wide network clickthrough increased over 5% and "Hot Searches" area over 50%.

AltaVista Company Info Mini-Site (2000)


As a result of an acquisition by AltaVista, a whole new collection of data about US businesses had to be integrated into the AltaVista network. Increased offering of AV network services was a priority as well as traffic to partner sites. Visual design was done to match new AltaVista look and feel.